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Future forms

 to be going to do sth = zamierzać coś zrobić I'm going to water the plants in my room  but I'm not going to work in the garden. We're going to play tennis, we aren't going to  play football. She's going to cook some soup but she isn't  going to bake a cake. They are going to come to the party but they  aren't going to dance. Are you going to sing?  Yes, I am. Is she going to help us with dinner?  No, she isn't. Are they going to take some pictures? Yes, they are. Attention! It's going to happen =  Zanosi się na to, że... Zaraz coś się wydarzy.... It's going to rain. Zanosi się na deszcz. Będzie padać. We're going to win this match!  Wygląda na to, że wygramy ten mecz! ********** to be about to do sth = zaraz ktoś coś zrobi They are about to cry.  Oni zaraz się rozpłaczą. He is about to say something.  On zaraz coś powie. ********** I think I will... Sądzę, że... I don't think I'll... Nie sądzę, że... I hope we will... Mam nadzieję, 

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